and are undoubtedly two of the very finest cities in .

With each providing its own blend of culture, history, and modernity, it is no real surprise that tourists are flocking to both cities in large measures.

The capital cities of the Czech Republic and Hungary have been witnessing something of an economic boom in rent years.

For long periods after world war II both nations were largely inaccessible to travelers from the west, but the break-up of Communism in the two states has presented opportunities.

Visitors from overseas have been fascinated by the two capital cities.

As tourist numbers have grown, Prague and Budapest have both seen an increase in the amount and quality of tourist accommodation.

The recognition of the two cities has risen to such an extent that they now rival Paris, Rome, Venice and the other established European tourist hotspots.

Therefore, what’s it that draws so many visitors to the cities every year?

Traveling to Prague

Prague’s focus is undoubtedly its spectacular Charles Bridge.

The middle ages stone structure, with towers at both ends, is an incredible sight to see. The river crosses the Vltava River and also forms a point of entertainment, with artists and street entertainers being prominent here.

Equally famous is the Astronomical Clock, originally built in the fifteenth century.

Based in the Old Town Square, the clock rings every hour, accompanied by a selection of moving figures.

The city is also renowned for its cultural aspects, with fine museums, wonderful architecture and outstanding theatres. To do just a stroll around this city is an adventure.

Traveling to Budapest

Budapest is, in fact, two cities in one – Buda and Pest, which sit on opposite banks of the mighty river Danube.

The biggest attraction for many visitors is the Castle District, which is located on Castle Hill.

This district of the city contains many of Budapest’s most striking buildings and also commands a great view of the rest of the Hungarian capital.

From here, one can stand and admire the Hungarian Parliament building, which is modeled on the Houses of Parliament in London.

There are now numerous operators running trips to both Prague and Budapest as part of dual city tours.

Such tours usually offer good value, making sure that you’re provided by an English speaking guide who’s familiar with Prague and Budapest.

They provide a terrific way to see two spectacular cities. If you want to visit Prague and Budapest then find out about luxury escorted tours as part of Keith Barrett’s other travel articles.

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