Private on   Mimuna Marocain Only the Pros Know Exist

Today, individuals of all backgrounds get involved in the festivities in , where Mimouna has come to be so popular people are usually granted an unpaid day off work to keep on celebrating in the following day.

The Mimuna is a celebrated on the 7th day of Pesach, and then people are making Mufleta – a marocain dish that made from flour, , and oil.

My mom’s family is from Iraq, but since we live in Israel, we make food from all cultures and we got a lot of morrocan friends and family.

So, we also like to share the party and each mimuna my mom and my aunts are making Mufleta, Which is some kind of pancake but not exactly , very easy to make and terribly tasty with honey or chocolate.

The classic approach to serve them is with honey and butter, but they could be eaten with any type of spread or filling.
They’ve just a few ingredients so that you can make your own.

Mufleta Recipe :

The other sort of pancakes is known as Mufleta and the dish is partly thought to be of Jewish origin that is eaten when Mimouna celebration approaches.

Following are some recipes in addition to some inspired by Moroccan traditions. It will be quite sticky once you begin.

Ingredients (for 40 Mufletas)

1 teaspoonful of salt
3 cups water
A glass of oil for greasing
Butter and honey, to serve

It’s a remarkable approach to pancakes for a massive crowd.

How do you make muffletas?

Mix the flour and salt.
Gradually add the water and put for 2 minutes until the dough is soft and sticky.

Make egg-sized balls from the dough
Dip each ball in a bowl with oil and place on the tray
On top, pour the remaining oil (to prevent dehydration of the pills) and leave at room temperature for 20 minutes.
Heat pan over medium flame

On a greased surface generously open each of the balls in the hands with gentle caressing movements (used with each and forming thin, delicate flat circles.

Place the first on the pan (you do not need oil – there is enough on the dough), and wait until golden. Turn the dough over to the other side and immediately place another of dough on top.

Wait about half a minute and turn the two circles together – so that the new round of dough will face down.
Place another circle of dough on the pile, wait about half a minute, and turn the stack again.
When the pile is already large and respectable, take the muffleta to the guests, and start the process from the beginning.

Mimuna Mufleta

The mufleta is recommended to be served on a serving plate (possibly covered with a towel), plus honey and butter, or a chocolate spread for the children. Feel like home and eat well!

While the very first pancake is cooking, flatten another ball.

The pan only be greased once.

Pan doesn’t need to be re-greased before cooking the remainder of the Mufletas.

Without doubt there’ll be mufleta.

Moroccan Jewry commemorates it in a really distinctive way.

In America you could possibly be in a position to locate mosques and synagogues hosting Mimouna events like these in Arizona and Boston.

Actually, when you mention Mimouna, mufleta springs to mind.

Mimouna is an opportunity to celebrate luck and decent fortune in addition to the beginning of the spring season.

But with only a bit of fresh flour, everyone can celebrate Mimouna by trying mufleta, dependent on the standard Moroccan recipe.

Moreover, the Mimouna is a significant component in the upkeep of the social network of the community.
Not well known in this nation, Mimouna celebrates the conclusion of Passover and the start of spring.


It take a practice to make perfect but is simple to make and they disappear before they have an opportunity to find cold.