One of the leading products as a food supplement in the wellness category is Plus – superfood supplement that creates a huge amount of minerals and vitamins inside a small pill, to help your body get better and maintain a balanced diet without the need to eat fruits and vegetables only.

If you heard about this company and not sure, here are some frequently asked questions about Juice Plus products, with answers to help you understand what Juice plus is all about.

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Why you choose Juice plus?

Juice plus offers Twenty years of experience and independent clinical research programs now show that Juice Plus can be treated as “the next best thing fruits and vegetables.”

The composition of Juice plus with a special development of fruit and vegetable concentrates, combined with vitamins selected from natural sources, creates a highly recommended product.

The nutrients in Juice Plus support your in a variety of ways, as shown in the following :

  • beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) vitamin
  • Vitamin C
  • E Folic Acid
  • Normal functioning of the immune system
  • Normal functioning of the immune system during/after vigorous exercise
  • Protect cells from oxidative stress
  • Proper vascular function
  • Normal metabolism of homocysteine
  • Proper maintenance of skin
  • Proper functioning of teeth and gums
  • The growth of tissues during .

Besides Juice Plus, there is no other nutritional supplement based on fruits and vegetables that have undergone such a wide range of scientific in-depth research.

This gives you an opportunity to evaluate the product on a factual basis and you do not have to rely on subjective opinions of users.

What is the best way to consume the Juice Plus pills?

For adults, we recommend taking 2 capsules of fruit, vegetables, and berries every day, preferably at mealtime with a glass of water.

It does not matter if you take capsules one time or divide them into several doses.


Can kids consume Juice Plus capsules?

Once start to eat regular food in its entirety or as soon as they can eat fruits and vegetables, they can also use Juice Plus as capsules and also the shake complete with half of the amount.

We recommend taking 1 capsule of fruit and vegetables on a day up to the age of 13.

You can also mix the capsule powder with the food for small children (see Question ).

The recommended adult dose applies to children over the age of 13.

If I can not swallow the capsule, what should I do?

You can also use Juice Plus powder without the coating of the capsule.

To do this, open the capsule by pulling hard on both sides and adding the powder to food, such as yogurt.

Liquids are not suitable as solid food for mixing powder.

What distinguishes Juice Plus from other common vitamin products?

Juice Plus cannot be compared to regular vitamin products for various reasons.

The main ingredients in Joss Plus are highly concentrated fruit, vegetable and berries powder that provides essential phytonutrients as well as vitamins and minerals.

The special value of Juice Plus is the synergy between all these substances that are produced from natural sources and not in an isolated dose of “single substances”.

What does the Juice Plus consist of?

Juice Plus consists of 30 species of fruits, vegetables, and berries.
Mature and processed using a unique method.

The result is a concentrated juice and juice powder with the maximum micro-nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, and fruits of the forest combined with fully balanced vitamins.

All ingredients are of natural origin.
You can find the list of ingredients on the box of Juice Plus.

watch this video – what Juice plus is made of:

Why are vitamins added to fruit powder, vegetables, and red fruits?

Only 3 out of 13 are known for Juice Plus, vitamins E, C, and folic acid, as well as pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene).

Their physiological effects complement the properties of the phytonutrients derived from fruit, vegetables, and berries found in Juice Plus.
(See table in question 1).

Using Juice Plus, you are well treated with vitamins C, E, folic acid and pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene), which means that you do not need to take other supplements.

What is the source of the extra vitamins?

All the additional vitamins (referred to question 7) originate from completely natural sources.

For example, pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene) comes from a type of algae called Donalella Selena, carrot and other sources.

Vitamin C comes from asparagus and other sources.

Vitamin E is produced from soybean oil, and folic acid is produced by a process of bio-fermentation, similar to the way folic acid is produced in the human body.

Why does Juice Plus sometimes contain more than 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins?

The recommended daily intake is a guideline for the average intake of nutrients to prevent diseases caused by lack of healthy people.

This recommended amount provides a minimum level of vitamins required on average by the general population to maintain health.

This allowance does not provide an optimal supply of vitamins since certain circumstances or other factors such as pregnancy, smoking, competitive sports, illness, age, and gender are not taken into account.

For this reason, the law specifies quantities that provide a safe and healthy range of nutritional supplements that are well above the recommended daily allowance. Of course, the vitamins in Juice Place are within this range and are considered characteristic of food.

How is Juice plus created?

The wide range of fruits, vegetables, and fruits of the forest are picked from the best conditions for growing them.

This includes sites in North America and Europe.

After harvesting, the processing is done immediately to ensure the highest content of nutrients, using the most advanced technology.

In addition to the fruit and vegetable juices and fruits of the forest, some of the core and shell are also used.

After a very gentle drying process, the concentrated Juice-Plus powder is packaged in capsules.

The process is done in Switzerland and is intended for marketing throughout Europe.

Therefore, Juice Plus is subject to quality control in Switzerland.

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How do you check the quality of Juice Plus?

Juice Plus is constantly tested throughout the production chain, from fruits and vegetables, then to powder production and finally to the final product.

This includes, for example, testing for the removal of harmful substances and the approval of raw materials under the strictest EU regulations.

This is also true of Juice Plus capsules that are examined by the independent institute SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS as shown in the quality stamp.

Are there other supplements in Juice Plus?

JuicePlus contains ingredients from natural sources and does not contain:

Synthetic food colors
Chemical stabilizers
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Is Juice Plus is an organic product?

For the production of JuicePlus, we use, as much as , fruits, vegetables and berries derived from organic crops.

All ingredients are regularly tested for non-presence of pesticides against pests and herbicides to ensure the highest standards in the products of Juice Plus.

However, Juice Plus is not considered an organic product under existing regulations.

Does Juice Plus contain gluten?

According to the current standards of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (FAO, WHO and EU) and regulations 41/2009 / EC, gluten content should be less than 20 ppm (mg / kg) for a product to be considered “gluten-free.”

Juice Plus’s diet meets this guideline, but it is not possible to rule out the presence of gluten traces, and the decision to use Juice Plus is ultimately given to the client himself or to the doctor.

Can I use Juice Plus if I have fructose sensitivity?

The following are the amounts of fructose in Juice Plus:

  • 2 capsules of Juice Plus fruit blend: 156 mg
  • 2 capsules of Juice Plus: 30 mg
  • 2 capsules of Juice plus berries: 180 mg

For comparison: 100 grams of lettuce contains 530 mg fructose *.
100 g cucumber contains 878 mg fructose *.
* German Nutrition Society, DGE, 2005
Because fructose sensitivity varies greatly from person to person, it is not possible to make one unequivocal statement. The decision to consume Juice Plus + is ultimately given to the client himself or the doctor treating him.

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Does Juice Plus contain lactose?

All dietary supplements do not contain lactose.

How many carbs are there in Juice Plus?

Juice Plus contains carbohydrates just like fruits and vegetables, even very small amounts.

Fruit Blend Capsules and Joss-Placed Vegetables Mix:

2 + 2 JuicePlus Capsules (Adult Dosage)

1.30 grams.
Juice Plus capsules:

2 + 2 + 2 JuicePlus Capsules (Adult Dosage)

1.66 grams.
JuicePlus is also very suitable for diabetics.

According to modern nutrition recommendations, people with diabetes can eat anything, carbohydrates.

They just need to take into account everything when they calculate the nutritional values of foods, for example, to determine the amount of insulin.

Can I use Juice Plus in case of an allergy?

This question can be answered only by determining the severity of the allergy.

With regard to allergies, according to our experience, Juice Plus is suitable even when there is one sensitivity or another to one of the fruits in their natural state.

In the case of allergies, it is always advisable to get a medical recommendation before starting to use Juice Plus and check the ingredients on the label.

Juice Plus – Options and Limitations

In general, Juice Plus is considered food.

It contains micro-nutrients that are part of the regular diet and are found in normal quantities of food.
Therefore, Juice Plus may support physiological processes in the body but are not marketed or used as medical substances.

Subject to the laws and regulations of food and health statements, statements relating to food products are generally critical.

When taking Juice Plus with other drugs

Juice Plus is a nutritional supplement that should be treated as food. Therefore, side effects should not be expected when used with medication.

It is very to respect your doctor’s recommendations and read the instructions in the package where the side effects are listed in combination with other substances (medicine, food, etc.).

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